… Our Vines

The grapevines are the origin of our wines, getting around 3000 sun hours a year, together with a regular rainfall. The landscape consists of clay and stone plains,   3,5%    . Its fertility is due to the weather conditions of the area and to the age of the grapevines.

Our Vinegrapes…

What is really special  about our grapevines  is the soil where our wines are originated. A terrain that produces a wine with individual flavours and colours, smooth  as a consequence of the extreme weather with winter snowfalls and dry and hot summers.

The earth is the essence

Manual harvest in boxes of 15 kg. Cluster to cluster, Hand in hand.

Excellent old vines. Over 40 years, and other younger, in which different varieties grow in red like tempranillo, merlot, syrah, cabernet sauvignon y garnacha.

In white grape chardonnay, verdejo, airén, sauvignon blanc y moscatel.


Philosophy and Environment

Quality, design and tradition are the keys in our philosophy. According to  them, In Bodegas Cañaveras we keep on modernizing some of our departments, remembering always our traditions, and being more and more eco-friendly.

From the very beginning our great-grand father, Juan Antonio, started this task  carefully trying always to do his best and to reach his goal, a high-level wine.

For this reason, year after year we are said to have examined the best grapevines, which are located in the right place, with the proper soil and climate conditions, etc  Our crops are surrounded by rivers, holm oaks, hills, as well as inhabited by a large variety of Iberian wildlife.

Our wines are free from chemical waste. We want to emphasize that the fourth generation is really concerned about the environment, so all the processes, products, etc that can affect  it in a bad way are out of four policy.

Nowadays, ecological, organic or biological wine is a wine obtained from grapes which have been ecologically grown, using agricultural techniques based on the European rule 2092/91. This way we can pick up first class grapes, using the natural resources at their best, allowing the soil to regenerate itself, forbidding fertilizers, insecticides or other pest-control substances. Our wine , therefore, is pure, healthy and of a great quality.