Las Niñas Verdejo 100%

LAS NIÑAS by LaurAna

Verdejo 100% – 2020 ORGANIC WHITE WINE


Names with tradition. Names of women.

The fifth generation of cañavera´s family comes from the hands of women, elaborating this excellent and fun high quality wine, in the heart of Spain. Betting stronly for organic and sustainable agricultura.

“We have grown up in our vineyard since our chilhood, there, we played among vineyard, now it is our workplace, our sacred home”. LAS NIÑAS

Pale yellow color with greenish notes, clean and bright. On the nose it is frank, with aromas of tropical fruits and notes of fresh grass. In the palate is refreshing, with a correct acidity, balanced.

Perfect pairing with pasta, seafood, fish, fresh cheeses, vegetables and white meat.


Área de Producción / Production Área

Ciudad Real (España)

Composición varietal / Varietal Composition

Verdejo 100%

Grado Alcoholico / Alcoholic Grade

12 % vol.


Nocturna. Septiembre 2020