Familia Cañaveras

Tradition and memories.
Elegant coupage fruit of the old vineyards of our master, “grandfather Antonio”.
In his honor, one of our best wines.


Old vineyards. Manual harvest in boxes of 10 kgs. Vineyards that meet special characteristics such as good solar exposure and a low fertile soil ensuring a unique production

Cherry red color, this wine has a high middle layer. Intensive aging aromas, fruity notes, vanilla, candy and licorice. Its passage through the mouth is fleshy, balanced, complex, velvety in the mouth.
It has an intense aftertaste and long persistence.

Pairing: Recommended for red meats, hunting, stews, sausages and cheeses with persistence.


Área de Producción / Production Área:

Castilla la Mancha

Composición varietal / Varietal Composition

100% Tempranillo

Grado Alcoholico / Alcoholic Grade

14,5 %vol.

Crianza / Time in oak barrels:

12 months in French oak barrels

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