Cañaveras Family


The Origin

It was a difficult time, other era
There weren’t any market rules or any social nets. Those winters meant hunger and a daily fight to work. It was the beginning, a humble peasant, our great great grandfather, Francisco Antonio, in 1849 acquired a tiny patch of land through hard and long working hours. It was situated on a local farm and there he grow few vines. Fortunately the harvest was good and he enjoyed trying to produce excellent wine and selling some grapes to the near wine-press.



Foundation 1889

In 1848 Juan Antonio Cañaveras taking advantage of his inheritance, founded/ set up a wine cellar having just an ancient winery and some acres. He grew the vines carefully.



His descendant

Some years later, in 1943 his son , Antonio Cañaveras Castro , took it over. His enterprising and hard-working spirit turned him into avid wine-producer. He quickly got used to all the minor and major tasks concerning to wine production and trade. The company spread by producing high quality wines, awarded nationwide.



A step forward

In 1980, the well-known company was to be run by Antonio Cañaveras Bravo, who is still managing it. It was then when technology and tradition joined together in the different departments in order to adapt themselves to the new era but keeping the essence of our ancestors, their great obsession, a first class wine. That was, has been and will be our first goal.



Fifth generation

Do you want to meet the fifth generation?
Being brought up among barrels and wine-friendly blood, the fifth generation comes up. The surname “Cañaveras” influences a lot , it means a big responsibility and at the same time we are trying to offer a young and fresh point of view ………………………………………..
After more than a century of history of this company Bodegas Cañaveras S.L., the female descendants, my sister, Ana María , and I are making their way / are stepping forward in this male business.
We collaborate with the Spanish Association against cancer, and we follow the family principles and traditions, welcoming a new era for Bodegas Cañaveras.
Laura Cañaveras Rodero