behind a humble family

It was a difficult time, other era

There weren’t any market rules or any social nets. Those winters meant hunger and a daily fight to work. It was the beginning, a humble peasant, our great great grandfather, Francisco Antonio, in 1849 acquired a tiny patch of land through hard and long working hours. It was situated on a local farm and there he grow few vines. Fortunately the harvest was good and he enjoyed trying to produce  excellent wine and selling some grapes to the near wine-press.

His heir, Juan Antonio Cañaveras, kept on the same activity and  founded Bodegas Cañaveras in 1889. Now 127 years later, the passion for good wine is even, if possibly, more intense. We are the fifth generation of wine-producers who have grown vinegrapes and have elaborated our own wines, looking after the environment/ following always environmental practices

This is an interesting job that my grandfather Antonio Cañaveras Castro extended throughout the years. He pointed the way forward in terms of getting the highest possible quality, and he felt proud of his wine.   We are still aware of his constant effort and passion. Those endless memories got stuck in our minds. I  remember when a storm broke out, he drove away “to fight the clouds”, to be near the vines in order to save them, no matter the day-time.

Just behind him, at the early age of 11, his son, Antonio Cañaveras Bravo, showed his interest and awareness towards this world. He is our father, he took over the company and he is the  current director, trying to make it expand  and progress, meeting the family tradition and getting international recognition.

I.G.P. Vino de la Tierra de Castilla


On the boundaries between Andalusia and Castille, in the province of Ciudad Real , the lengendary  Bodegas Cañaveras are situated, in a village called Santa Cruz de Mudela. This is a region world-wide known as Cervantes placed his best novel Don Quixote of La Mancha in this site, taking it to an international level.